Austin Basketball Trainer On How to Get More Playing Time

Austin Basketball TrainerNobody joins a basketball team and practices every week to sit the bench, everyone wants to play. However the truth is that there are only so many minutes in a game and not everyone is going to play as much as they want to. Most players fall into the trap of link playing time with scoring points. They think that if they can score enough points then they will get more minutes. There are still only a certain number of shots that are going to be taken every game and they are mainly going to be taken by 3-4 primary players. So what can you do as a player to earn more playing time? This article is going to give you 5 tips to help you get more playing time.

Communication, Communication, Oh and Communication.

Communicating on the floor solves so many problems. Whether you are on defense or on offense you should be talking to your team. On defense you should be calling out screens, being in the help, cutters, etc. Be the loudest player on the floor and communicate information that will help your team and your coach won’t have a choice but to notice.

Set Good Screens

Setting screens might not get you a headline but it brings so much value to the team. It is a really easy thing to do as well, it just takes the desire and commitment to do it. You have to be willing to sacrifice your body for a teammate and help them get an open shot. The people in the stands might not notice it but I guarantee your coach will.

Be Unselfish and Don’t Force Shots

Too many players get in the game and they think to themselves, “I have to score right away or I am going to be taken out.” This leads them to force up bad shots, which in turn makes the coach not want to play them as much. Unless you are being specifically brought in for offensive purposes be willing to pass up an okay shot to help get one of your teammates a great shot. This become contagious and before you know it someone else on the team is passing up an okay shot so that you can get a great shot. Easier shots means more points for you and for your team.

Bring Energy and Hustle

Come into the game ready to go and bring energy. If there is a loose ball on the floor dive on the floor and get it. Clap your hands encourage your team on defense. Do something that is going to help one of your teammates get going. This will make the coach think, “man I know who to bring into the game when the team needs a boost of energy.”

Be a Good Teammate

This is not always the easiest thing to do especially when you are not playing as much as you want but it is important. Be willing to celebrate and cheer your team on when they are doing good. It shows the coach that you are involved in the game and also if you were playing you would want your teammates to cheer you on.

Last but not least, become a stronger asset to your team by working on developing your game.  Don’t know where to start?  Try the thousands of drills at

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